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A new location to serve you better

We found our new location just three blocks from our former clinic. With a sleek, modern design, contemporary materials and attractive colours, I didn’t need any more convincing: I instantly knew this was where I wanted my dental clinic to be! Situated behind Saint-Eustache Hospital near Autoroute 640, the new clinic is just a short… [Read More]

Halitosis or persistent bad breath

Halitosis is much more than bad morning breath. It’s a persistent unpleasant odour that causes discomfort both to the sufferer and to the people around them. Luckily, bad breath can be treated if we address the causes of the condition. Two types of bad breath One type of bad breath is caused by dryness of… [Read More]

How important are straight teeth?

A beautiful smile never goes out of style. Having healthy teeth boosts confidence and self-esteem, and reflects good overall health. And when it comes to looking your best, there’s nothing better than a straight set of teeth. Aligned teeth reduce disease risk Straight teeth are easier to brush than uneven, overlapping teeth that create “hidden”… [Read More]

How does gum disease affect overall health?

Gum disease—also known as periodontal disease—often develops unnoticed over time. Left undiscovered or inadequately treated, it can cause or aggravate additional health problems. The Ordre des dentistes du Québec estimates that three-quarters of adults will suffer from some form of gum disease during their lifetime. In fact, gum disease is the second-most common oral condition… [Read More]

Cavity-fighting foods to include in your diet

Good oral hygiene starts with an effective tooth brushing technique. You should spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth, at least twice a day. But brushing isn’t your only ally for keeping your smile cavity-free. Did you know that certain foods can help prevent cavities by strengthening tooth enamel? Milk and cheese Milk contains… [Read More]

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