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A new location to serve you better

We found our new location just three blocks from our former clinic. With a sleek, modern design, contemporary materials and attractive colours, I didn’t need any more convincing: I instantly knew this was where I wanted my dental clinic to be!

Situated behind Saint-Eustache Hospital near Autoroute 640, the new clinic is just a short walk from our former location.

Patients are my top priority

Your comfort is important to me. That’s why I offer personalized dental care that is adapted to your specific needs. I’ve always strived to be an active listener and to develop trusting relationships with all my patients.

But I wanted to offer you even more. That’s why our new clinic was designed with your comfort and wellbeing in mind. It features high ceilings, large windows and brand new equipment including:

  • Comfortable chairs
  • Custom-made dental furniture
  • A sterilization unit
  • Advanced instruments
  • Cutting-edge technological equipment
  • Digital X-rays

I wanted to make the clinic a place where patients would feel at ease. The clinic is bright and airy, while hints of turquoise-blue on the walls and exposed beams give the space a relaxing, “seaside” feel.

The beams aren’t just pretty, they also serve an important structural function. The entire building frame is made of wood, significantly reducing its ecological footprint. The advanced architecture behind this space reflects my clinic’s commitment to innovation.

An enhanced dental care experience

Relocating our business is just one of the many things we’ve done to improve our offer. The new space will enable us to go the extra mile and considerably enhance your dental care experience.

While redesigning our space, we took the opportunity to acquire proven, cutting-edge technology like TRIOS intraoral scanners. We will continue offering our patients high-quality dental care and services, including the latest innovations.

Stop by my new, modern and family-friendly clinic and experience the friendly and relaxing atmosphere for yourself. My team is as committed as ever to ensuring you have a pleasant visit.

See you soon,