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Family dentistry

We offer dental services to meet the specific needs of your entire family, from its youngest members to its oldest! Detecting problems early and treating them right away help maintain optimal dental health for life.

We aim to offer

1) Dental care for children

Dental care for children is very important. At our clinic, we offer a relaxing, fun environment that helps build a relationship of trust. We want each visit to be a positive one.

Our priority is to ensure the normal growth of primary teeth because they play an important part in chewing, speech development and the appearance of permanent teeth. Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be around two years of age, but it can be earlier if needed.

Essential oral care:

  • Checking the condition of teeth
  • Checking the position of the teeth and tongue during swallowing
  • Detecting speech or chewing problems
  • Detecting and treating cavities early
  • Answering parents’ questions about stains on teeth, discomfort, injury or swelling of the gums

Monitoring growth:

  • Checking jaw growth
  • Ensuring proper development of primary teeth (sequence, alignment)

2) Preventive orthodontics

The goal of preventive orthodontics is to detect problems early on and implement solutions quickly. This can prevent the need for extractions, surgeries or complex treatments later on. We can detect bone structure problems while primary teeth are still present, before the development of teeth is complete. This way, we can begin a first phase of orthodontic treatments.

Expanding the palate involves making the upper jaw wider. It helps improve occlusion and the alignment of permanent teeth.

3) Education

Our educational approach is also important. We help children learn about proper dental care and support parents in providing guidance to their children. We also make suggestions on how to make brushing easier or how to wear orthodontic devices.

Preventive measures and advice: 

  • Help develop healthy eating habits
  • Teach good oral health practices like proper brushing techniques
  • Encourage regular visits to the dentist
  • Highlight the importance of regular cleanings by a dental hygienist
  • Include preventive treatments, like applying dental sealants to protect against cavities

Our mission is to help children maintain healthy smiles and develop into responsible adults who take good care of their oral health.